wild west

For your upcoming western or country themed party or event, enhance your evening with Atmospheric Entertainment’s custom entertainment elements with our strolling players engaging your guests in amusing one on one interactions. Bring a wild west Sheriff, Gunslinger, Saloon Girl and so many more roaming performers to your party to create an authentic feel you won’t find anywhere else.

bounty hunter

This is one bad dude you don't want to cross paths with, if you happen to be an outlaw, that is! He knows his catch is around here somewhere, so if you're not going to help him, stay out of his way!


Like a Knight of the old frontier, the Gunslinger rides alone. His has is white and his six guns hang low. You can almost hear the wind as the tumbleweeds roll by, his spurs clattering against the floor. His steely gaze makes women swoon and bad men tremble. He is not a sheriff...but he is a hero.


Atmospheric Entertainment Outlaw Character

These gun totin' outlaws are sure to spice up your party in their bandanas and spurs, they just gotta make sure they stay away from the Mayor and the Sheriff, or the fun times are all over! They'll be slinking around your party trying to get their goods and get outta there before the only metal they end up around are metal prison bars.

saloon girl

Sassy and sexy, she'll be the perfect arm candy for whoever she decides to talk to, and I'm sure she has all the best gossip in the saloon, she does get around to all the poker tables, after all. In her classy cancan dress, heels, and pearls, this character will definitely set the ambiance at your event.

school marm

Strict and unyielding in her high necked blouse and ankle length skirt, this is one lady you don't want to cross. She'll have everyone at your party minding their P's and Q's you can be sure of that. Stay out of the way of her pointer finger, you could be one bad manner away from a stern lecture!


Straight out of the city, the Greenhorn is heading out west to make his fortune. His suit is a little too new, his shoes not dusty enough. He doesn't have a proper hat and he has never rode a horse in his life. He will try to fit in with the cowboys at your event, but he can't drink, he can't roll a smoke, and he doesn't know how to play poker. That won't stop him from trying!